Heaven is Goa, Rajbagh beach is Paradise in Goa!

Goa is one divine and heavenly place for beach lovers and pleasure seekers of nature’s bountiful harvest.

On a long coastline of plus 105 kms, Goa has more than 72 well documented & discovered beaches.

The latest addition to a paradise like beach is Mi Amor beach a part of the main Rajbagh beach in extreme South Goa, just a little before Cabo de Rama Fort.

True to its name, Rajbagh the natural surroundings and the ever green landscape are like a mini garden of Eden that is fit for king.

The most secret and secluded beaches of Goa belong to the district of South Goa. Mi amor beach is one of them.

Rajbagh beach is rightly positioned in extreme South Goa, away from the madening and over populated North Goa tourists.

Other secluded and secret beaches are also to be found on the South Goa coastline such as Cola beach, Patnem Beach, Butterfly beach and many more.

The Mi Amor beach is positioned at the extreme left side of main Rajbagh beach. On this beach, nature has sprinkled natural laterite rocks all over the beach landscape.

Welcome to Mi Amor beach at Rajbagh and find the whole beach for your beach activities which will make you feel like a king.


Mi Amor beach – Lovers beach Paradise.

To all the beach lovers and beach life aficionados, Mi Amor Beach Huts & Restaurant gives a warm welcome to one of Goa’s well kept beach secret for the exclusive few who treasure a paradisiacal beach.

To many travellers & tourists Goa is Heaven and to the few select adventurers who like to discover virgin beaches in Goa, Mi Amor beach part of Rajbagh beach is a Mini Paradise of Goa.


Luxuries in the Lap of NatureWooden Beach Huts

Nature has bestowed the mini beach of Mi Amor lots of beauty very lovingly and caringly on the narrow stretch of Mi Amor beach which is a part of the majestic & marvellous main Rajbagh beach.

Nature lovers and Beach lovers who desire to live in the midst of nature will find Mi Amor Beach at Rajbagh a treat for their senses.

Mi Amor has laboriously hand built rooms bang above the Goa beach.

All of the 5 Beach huts of Mi Amor are built using natural local materials, hence they are totally Eco – friendly and Herbal beach huts of Goa.


Mi Amor RestaurantOver the cliff, On the beach, Opposite the Sea.

As aptly captured in the below photograph of Mi Amor Restaurant, this Multi – Cuisine Beach restaurant is truly a cliff hanging restaurant perched like a majestic eagle in the rocky cliffs of Cabo de Rama landscape.

The Mi Amor Restaurant is situated bang on Rajbagh beach in a secluded corner sandwiched between the laterite beach rocks on either side. Welcome to Mi Amor restaurant located on the sloping cliffs, bang on Rajbagh beach, opposite the wide unobstructed views of the Indian Ocean Sea.


The best time you ever had!

The Owners & Proprietors of Mi Amor Beach Huts & Restaurant have painstakingly chosen the most best exotic location to provide Beach huts rooms and Beach Shack Restaurant service in the most beautiful and most amazing place in South Goa.

The Mi Amor Beach Restaurant is managed by young and dynamic Goan Mr. Paixao Moreno who likes to be called Moreno in short. The Mi Amor Beach Huts are managed by his able & enterprising wife who makes sure that each & every guest gets clean & comfortable rooms on this Goa beach.

Most of the guests are excited & exuberated and leave happy after staying at Mi Amor Beach huts at Rajbagh. They have made the guests sayings & comments into a tagline for this business: “The best time you ever had”. We promise you this. Come fall in love with Goa, Mi Amor!

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